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To give one customer best possibilities to start with the use of KULI, we have introduced several steps to proceed.

Please choose one or more of them to become an expert.

Basic Training:
Prior to the first use of KULI we strongly recommend our customers to attend a basic training. Content of the course is KULI handling, component setup, system modeling and calibration, as well as post processing.

The topics are practiced on authentic tutorial examples. We can offer the training course at the Engineering Center Steyr or on your company’s site.

Startup Project:
Your data given we set up a basic KULI cooling system configuration for you. Based on this configuration you are able to do modifications and investigations on your system.

Coaching at Projects:
One of our experienced team members joins you at a project such that you can work on the content side by side. Thereby - directly at work - you will be trained on how to handle a KULI project.

Advanced Training:
Certain tasks and topics require a deeper knowledge of the simulation process performed in KULI. Transient simulation, software coupling, engine or cabin modeling, driving simulations,… - We can offer an advanced KULI training according to the certain customer needs.

Coaching Day:
For those who  used KULI but have not worked on it for a while. Refresh your KULI knowledge! The experienced KULI trainer will answer  your questions, will show you modeling examples, he explains special functions and introduces new features. Take advantage from a KULI coaching day!

Software Services: 
You haven't enough capacity in your team to simulate thermal management, then please use our software & simulation services. contact

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Vehicle Simulation & Testing Services

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