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31. May - 1. Jun 2017

International KULI User Meeting 2017
May 31st - June 1st - Linz / Austria 

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KULI User Meeting 2017 - Agenda

30. May 2017
KULI Workshop, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:00 Introduction to KULI for beginners I
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Introduction to KULI for beginners II
13:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Introduction to KULI for beginners IIl
15:00 Company tour
16:00 End of training
19:00 Welcome Dinner at Schlossmuseum Linz
31. May 2017
Chairman: Gernot Steinmair, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:00 Welcome and Introduction to the KULI User Meeting 2017 Christian Rathberger, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:15 Mobility over the change of times - effects on operating conditions and
thermal management
Heinz Hollerweger, AUDI, Ingolstadt, GER
10:00 Software/Hardware-coupling with KULI at Porsche AG Andreas Koller, Porsche, Weissach, GER
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 In approval Dr. Shuqiang Lu, Geely, Hangzhou, CHN
11:30 The use of KULI software in interaction with CFD analysis in designing
the tractor cooling systems
Dr. Rafael Åman, Dr. Petri Hannukainen, Pekka Makkonen, Valtra, Suolahti, FIN
12:00 Developing the thermal management systems for the MAGNA e1 Demonstrator Christian Rathberger, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
12:30 Lunch Break
14:30 Component optimizations in a 1D coupled simulation of a battery electric sports car Alexander Kayser, FKFS, Stuttgart, GER
15:00 Increasing the driving range: The efficient thermal management system of the AUDI Q7 e-tron Dr. Jan-Christoph Menken, AUDI, Ingolstadt, GER
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 E-Mobility, game changer or hype - The role of charging infrastructure in urban development Andreas Reinhardt, LINZ AG, Linz, AUT
17:00 End of first days lectures
18:30 Transfer to dinner at Restaurant „Pöstlingbergschlössl“ by nostalgic train
19:00 Dinner
23:00 Return to Hotel
01. Jun 2017
Chairman: Josef Hager, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:00 Design optimization for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) cooling module
using KULI simulation program
Alper Yeter, Kale, Gebze-Kocaeli, TUR
09:30 Modeling of a coupled vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling system using KULI Raghu Tejaswi Bellur Ramesh, qpunkt, Ingolstadt, GER
10:00 1D Thermal management simulation applications in (electric) drivetrain development Joshua Pöhl, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 How preconditioning can improve the driving range of an electric vehicle:
simulation, measurement and validation
Dr. Dragan Simic, AIT, Vienna, AUT
11:30 KULI update: new features and roadmap Markus Kovac, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
12:00 Lunch Break
13:30 KULI Tips & Tricks live: some modelling highlights presented and explained
by our engineering team
Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 KULI Tips & Tricks live: some modelling highlights presented and explained
by our engineering team
Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
17:00 End of KULI User Meeting / Farewell


Thermal Management - The Key Enabler for Future Propulsion Systems

The times when “thermal management” meant “prevent overheating” are long gone. Today the boundaries between “vehicle thermal management” and “vehicle energy management” are more and more fading.

  • Thermal management speeds up the warm-up and allows the usage of waste heat in combustion engine vehicles.
  • Thermal management determines both the maximal available power (and how long it is actually available) and the range of electric vehicles, especially in hot summer and cold winter conditions.
  • Thermal management systems have reached a new peak in both efficiency and complexity in top level electric hybrid cars.
  • Thermal management will be one of the many issues to solve when we talk about future propulsion technologies like fuel cells.

Join our KULI User Meeting to get to know more about the complexity and wide range of thermal management and its influence in current and future technologies. Be a part of our global thermal management community and meet long-time friends and new colleagues from all over the world for interesting discussions.
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