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Due to the increasing importance of passenger comfort, KULI hvac is the right solution for the dimensioning of you air conditioning system.

The module KULI hvac can be used as a standalone program or as an add-on to KULI base.

KULI hvac enables to

  • Design and optimize your refrigerant circuit according to refrigerant charge, COP and control strategies
  • Simulate with different refrigerants like  R134a, CO2 , R152a, or R1234yf
  • Analyze the passenger comfort using the multi zone cabin model
  • Determine various measures for a quick heat-up or cool-down of the passenger compartment

When KULI hvac is coupled with KULI base, the interactions of the components in the refrigerant circuit with those in the engine cooling circuit can be observed. This is certainly an significant aspect when considering recent developments like the battery cooling system of an electric vehicle.

Air Conditioning - KULI hvac