Steyrer Strasse 32 | 4300  St. Valentin, Austira

Tel.: +43 7435 501-0 | Fax: +43 7435 501-2404 | E-Mail: office.valentin.mpt(at)magna.com 


Chamber association: Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Industry Association. 

Applicable Trade Directives: Industrial Code, Commercial Code, Stock Corporation Act more... 

Company register ID: FN 222001Y 

Company register court: Regional Civil Court St. Pölten  

VAT ID: ATU 54112605 

Shareholder: Legal form of the company: Limited partnership

Unlimited partner: ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG (Company Register no. 222001Y, Regional Civil Court St. Pölten)


DISCLOSURE pursuant to Art. 25 Media Act and Art. 14 UGB

Media proprietor: ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG; Steyrer Strasse 32, 4300 St. Valentin, Austria 

Managing Director: DI Karsten Henk, Mag. Gerhard Papitsch 

Basic orientation: The websites www.engineering.mpt.magna.com, www.femfat.magna.com, www.kuli.magna.com, www.vanc-magna.com, www.mnoise.magna.com, www.mamba.magna.com provide information for customers, employees and other interested parties on ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG, the brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner to OEMs. 

ENGINEERING CENTER STEYR GmbH & Co KG specializes in engineering of complete vehicles, developing and manufacturing components and systems, and producing innovations on the road to the automotive future. 

In our work we are dedicated to maintaining high quality standards, constantly improving our own services and persistently searching for new and better solutions for all our partners.  

Purpose of the company: The main purpose of the company is the development of complete vehicles as well as of vehicle components and the production of vehicle components. 

Information: Real estate, real estate fixtures are not the property of the company. They are rented from MAGNA STEYR Real Estate GmbH & Co OEG.