The Engineering Center Steyr invests in apprenticeship training at the highest level.

Today’s young apprentices are tomorrow’s excellently qualified specialists. We offer apprenticeships for automotive engineering and mechatronics. If you are interested in technology and if you are committed and enthusiastic about learning, then send us your application.

This profession includes all maintenance and repair work of motor vehicles. Your apprenticeship will initially focus on mechanics and you will have the opportunity to contribute on building innovative special vehicles. The last year of your apprenticeship specializes in system electronics. The maintenance and repair of complex safety systems and modern electronics complete your training.

Motor Vehicle / Automotive Technician / Apprenticeship

4 Years

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics, electronics and information technology. It is the heart of modern technology. As a mechatronics engineer, you will learn how to set up, link and combine mechanical, pneumatic-hydraulic and information technology procedures and processes. You will learn how to develop and maintain mechatronic systems.

Mechatronics Engineer / Apprenticeship

​​​​​​​3,5 Years