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Here you can download the latest version of the KULI Software.

If you have any question concerning the software or problems with your KULI model please send an email to the KULI Support or use the local support in your region.

KULI 13 includes:

  • Redesign of the architecture of the calculation kernel of KULI, ensuring full and consistent 64bit support as well as better memory handling and system stability
  • Extension of the dynamic solver, in particular the parallel flow cooler and oil circuits are now supported, initial temperatures of tubes and circuits can be set via actuator, etc.
  • Reduction of the calculation time based on changes of user defined formulas in the calculation controller, logging mechanism, and the kind of calculation of material properties
  • Support during opening of scs-files with the option to automatically unpack missing components
  • Quickly find sources of a signal receiver via context menu.
  • Additional sensors and actuators for passenger compartment and EXV
  • Additional refrigerants R290, R32, R454c and R410a based on NIST standard
  • Easier selection of results in the project tree of KULI lab with the help of a filter
  • Possibility to change the units given in axes of 2D charts in KULI lab
  • Enhanced message and error logging mechanism

KULI 13.1 includes:

  • Complete revision of AC solver: The AC solver has undergone a complete revision with the following benefits: 
    • Better stability 
    • Support of more configurations 
    • Better detection of problems caused by questionable data.
    • In addition a lot of hints have been included in order to assist the user in finding the cause of incorrect circuit configurations. 
    • The online help has been updated to provide guidelines how to set up valid A/C circuits. 
  • COM objects can now be marked as explicit FMU connectors
  • Enhanced Messaging regarding status of result file writing

KULI 13.2 includes:

  • AC-solver improvements: 
    • Calculation of the temperature of point masses in the phase transition area has been corrected 
    • Higher convergence speed when using a TXV with defined superheating 
    • AC solver enhancements to improve convergence robustness 
  • Additional options for fine tuning the solver when simulating heat conduction network
  • Additional fan data from the fan manufacturer TRUFLO have been added to the KULI installation

KULI MediaX 14:

  • Support of 32-and 64-bit COM clients.
  • Modified licensing: Now only LM-X license manager is supported.

KULI FMU Support:

  • A KULI thermal model can now be exported as an FMU for co-simulation supporting the FMI 2.0 standard.
  • The KULI FMU is self-contained, which means that no KULI installation is required on the target machine.
  • The FMU interface is fully defined in KULI by using well known modelling techniques.
  • With the help of the KULI FMU generator, the KULI model can then be exported as an FMU with only a few steps (see the download link below).

HDMB Comparer:

  • Compare 2 KULI simulation result files
  • Find out which calculated values differ between two simulations
  • Extensive filtering options to find the desired values quickly
  • Provides tables and diagrams to compare the values in both a numerical and a graphical way
    KULI add ons
  • HDMB Comparer
  • Normal
    Software, 9 MB
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  • Setup KULI MediaX 14.0.1
  • Normal
    Software, 67 MB
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  • KULI FMU Generator
  • Normal
    Software, 8 MB
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  • Setup KULI 13.1 CompInterface
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    Software, 42 MB
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  • KULI Simulink Toolbox v6.8
  • Normal

    Installation Instructions: 

    1. Extract the Zip file to any directory, e.g. your Matlab working folder.

    2. In Matlab, set the current folder to the unpack directory.

    3. Execute "installKuliTB.m".

    Software, 1 MB
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    KULI 13.2
  • Setup KULI 13.2
  • Normal
    Software, 332 MB
    Release Notes, 56 KB
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