11/2021 Article

Extended KULI online content

In times of the corona pandemic, the content on online platforms is of particular importance. We want to support you as KULI users in these challenging times with additional content on our homepage. This includes a revised KULI knowledge base, learning videos for our KULI tutorial, additional examples in our online library, but also exciting and interesting lectures by professional KULI and thermal management experts.


New KULI Knowledge Base

The KULI knowledge base has been completely renewed. It now offers a powerful search that also includes the KULI online help. Many entries have been updated and others have been transferred to the KULI Help. Also new ones have been added. For example, one focus was placed on additional support for license handling. There are now videos that explain the setup of an LM-X server in detail or one that shows all the steps necessary to borrow a KULI license from an LM-X license server.

In the future, new content will be added continuously so that you can find answers to questions about KULI as quickly as possible.

You can find the new KULI Knowledge Base under https://kulihelp.magna.com/display/KKB/


KULI tutorial videos

In order to get into KULI even faster, we are now making some selected chapters of the KULI tutorial available as learning videos (https://kuli.magna.com/index.php?id=1342). These enhance the textual tutorial (https://kulihelp.magna.com/km/14.1/kuli-tutorial-english) with additional information, which makes it even easier to get started with KULI.


In order to continue to support you in the best possible way, we will also be constantly expanding the online offer with new learning videos.

So, visit our homepage from time to time so that you do not miss any new content.


New additions KULI Online Library

The KULI Online Library is consistently being updated with new examples. So in the last few months examples were added for the following topics (among others):

  • Subcooling controlled EXV: An example that demonstrates how a subcooling controlled expansion valve can be modelled. The signal path based technique presented in this example can be applied in several other applications as well.
  • PID controller optimization: An example that demonstrates how a Python script can be used to optimize a PID controller in a KULI model.
  • Expansion tank: An example showing possibilities to model an expansion tank.
  • Transient parameter variation: An Excel script showing how transient parameter variation can be set up efficiently.

The Online Library has a powerful search function such that you can easily find examples for the topic you are interested in. It contains small subsystems, full-featured models, scripts, and more. And it can easily be accessed via a single click from within KULI using the main toolbar.


Upcoming Online Seminars

One new and very successful format we have established last year in June is our “Online Seminar” series. So far more than 300 participants from all around the world have joined us for discussions about different topics ranging from general thermal management issues to specific KULI modelling suggestions. And the series continues…

  • The next online seminar will have the title “Getting the most out of thermal simulation results” and will help you with the important task of postprocessing and analysing the findings from your KULI simulations. Dates will be available on February 23rd (09:00 CET), 24th (13:00 CET) and 25th (17:00 CET) to provide convenient times for all time-zones. You can still register for free 
  • In March we will hold an online seminar about using sensors and actuators in KULI, details will follow in the next weeks.

Future topics on our list include heat pumps, control strategy development, a focus on modern valve types (and how to use them in KULI) and fuel cells… so it is not going to get boring any time soon. Stay tuned!