12/2021 Article

Get the most out of the new version

To assist you in getting the most out of the new version we have provided a release video, online trainings, and various other materials.

Have a look at our KULI 15 Release Video to get an in-depth introduction in the new features of KULI 15.  If you want us to present the latest version of KULI in your company, please get in contact with us. Our KULI team is available for expert talks with your engineers to discuss how the latest version of KULI could improve your specific simulation topics.

Do you want to start with your KULI experience? Use the possibility at our KULI basic online training on September 22nd and 23rd. More information can be found on our website. 


For an easier access to our application examples, we have integrated the online library into the online help. Now you can find the help, the tutorial, the knowledge base, and the library in one compilation. You can use the search function to find information for a certain topic with a single search in all sources.