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    The COM interface, developed by Microsoft®, provides a standardized interface for programs to communicate with each other. 

    KULI has a set of built-in COM commands, which allow other programs to run and control a KULI simulation. KULI “Direct Access” allows to set and get component parameters of a cooling system without defining COM-objects in the *.scs-file. Hence, using Direct Access, a KULI file does not have to be prepared to be controlled by external programs but can be accessed directly, “as it is”. For the user this leads to a remarkable advantage regarding set-up time of the KULI cooling system. The current Excel sheet enables to list all accessible components of a defined cooling system. Furthermore, a list of all possible direct access attributes is provided.

    Usable from release: KULI 14
    Necessary modules: KULI advanced

    KULI File, 112 KB
    Documentation, 521 KB
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