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    The COM interface, developed by Microsoft®, provides a standardized interface for programs to communicate with each other. KULI has a set of built-in COM commands, which allow other programs to run and control a KULI simulation.

    The current example is an Excel sheet which is created for the control and simulation of one steady state operating point of a cooling system. The certain benefit of this Excel sheet is, that no Visual Basic programming knowledge of the user is required. Input and output parameters of a KULI file can simply be defined in a list, where the parameters can be chosen from an interactive menu. The sheet allows access to standard KULI COM objects but also to components directly via the KULI Direct Access interface. If optimization parameters and targets are set in the KULI *.scs-file, one can simply run the optimization from Excel by activation of the “Run Optimization” option.

    Usable from release: KULI 8.0-1.04
    Necessary modules: KULI advanced

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