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    These examples show how to set up a component test rig for a cross flow heat exchanger in KULI with the possibility to accurately specify the boundary conditions.

    In order to predict the performance of a given cross flow heat exchanger (e.g. a radiator), it is sometimes quite useful to model a component test rig in KULI. This is particularly useful if a user receives measurement data or a KULI file of a component and wants to observe how this component performs at certain boundary conditions. In order to accurately specify all inlet conditions (temperatures, flow rates, pressures, humidity) at the same time, different modeling is required depending on the way how the air flow rate is defined (mass flow or entry volume flow or entry speed). The models in this example demonstrate how this can be achieved. They can be used as templates for test rigs in KULI. The component itself and the boundary conditions can easily be exchanged.

    Usable from release: KULI 12
    Necessary modules: KULI base
    Component Test Rigs

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