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  • How to set up a Refrigerant Media File for KULI
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    KULI hvac is an efficient tool to simulate air conditioning (A/C) systems. On the other hand, KULI base allows to calculate refrigerant properties. By default, media data of several widely-used refrigerants are distributed with KULI. However, custom-tailored applications can require additional ones which have not been provided. This manual describes how to set up a new refrigerant media file for KULI using the third-party software ©REFPROP by NIST.

    In the course of electrification, A/C systems get increasingly complex fulfilling new tasks. With the help of KULI hvac, dependencies and interactions between engine compartment flow, engine cooling system and A/C in the vehicle interior can be calculated. KULI base allows requirements-driven pre-selection of refrigerants based on calculation of key properties at given ambient conditions.

    Due to the described recent developments, there is a strong need for non-standard refrigerants or mixtures to be incorporated into KULI as custom-tailored media files. This manual describes in detail how to do so. First it gives general information about the KULI Refrigerant Media File explaining its structure and its content. Next it provides an overview on how to generate the input data for the file. Step-by-step instructions guide the user through the setup using ©REFPROP by NIST. Multiple screenshots illustrate how to select the substance, the reference state, the units and the data ranges in the pressure-enthalpy diagram. Further informative figures display selection of properties, change of property order, calculation of values, and copying of data into the KULI Media File. The latter steps need to be done for the Wet Steam and Vapor/Fluid Areas separately. Helpful tips complement the manual preventing common mistakes and representing the experience of the KULI development team. Last but not least, the KULI Media File needs to be verified; this can be done by KULI MediaX.

    Keywords: reference data, Mollier chart, Mollier diagram, heat pump, phase change, evaporator, evaporate, condenser, condensate

    Usable from release: KULI 8.0-1.04
    Necessary modules: KULI hvac

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