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    With this model and in particular with this workflow a pareto front diagram can be created in KULI lab.

    During the process of optimizing a cooling package, quite often some compromise must be accepted. If you want to improve one value, another one gets worse. So usually it is quite difficult to define what the “optimal” solution really is. The pareto front is a graphical way to illustrate the line of “best compromises” that can be achieved.

    The example shows how to generate such a diagram with the help of Monte Carlo Simulation and the 2D diagram features in KULI lab. In this example we vary the oil flow rate and the length of the oil cooler with the aim to reach both a low entry temperature and a low pressure drop in the cooler. Obviously both targets cannot be minimized at the same time, so we would like to see which values can be reached and we want to identify the parameters with which such a good compromise can be achieved.



    Usable from release: KULI 12
    Necessary modules: KULI base + KULI optimize

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