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  • Temperature control: A/C compressor displacement
  • KULI-System

    One possibility to set a target temperature in the cabin compressors is to control the compressors piston displacement.
    This example demonstrates how a subsystem including several calculation controllers can easily be added to an existing HVAC simulation system.

    By adjusting the compressors piston displacement, the performance of the compressor is controlled. This controlling strategy is included in a subsystem which mainly consists of calculation controllers.

    As a necessary input, the user has to define a required cabin temperature and the upper and lower limit for the piston displacement. The calibration coefficient is a kind of displacement offset for the controller, used in each simulation time step.

    If the average cabin temperature exceeds the upper temperature limit plus the temperature tolerance, the max. piston displacement of the compressor is used.

    In all other cases the displacement is reduced or increased by the calibration coefficient. Due to the change of the displacement in each simulation time step, a smooth control characteristic is created.

    Usable from release: KULI 13.1
    Necessary modules: KULI drive + KULI hvac

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