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  • Evaporator test bench (adjustment)
  • KULI-System

    KULI’s hvac components like the evaporator are based on a combination of geometrical and test data. To achieve a good accuracy of the model, a successful calibration is obligatory.   This virtual test bench provides a model that supports the user to find the ideal calibration factors.

    The evaporator is a core part of each HVAC system. In KULI, the model of the evaporator is based on a combination of geometrical and test data. In a first step all available geometrical data is defined directly in the component. Next, the simulation model is calibrated based on these input values by the use of various fitting values. These values influence the pressure losses at the refrigerant side and at the air side. Additionally they also effect the heat transfer for the refrigerant side and the air side as well as the condensate mass flow (evaporator) . The calibration can be done automatically in the KULI component, but for getting even more accurate results (with respect on specific simulation points) this Excel-KULI Co simulation test bench can be used.

    Usable from release: KULI 9.1-0.01
    Necessary modules: KULI hvac

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