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  • Heat balance of a cabin model
  • KULI-System

    This subsystem calculates the heat flows in the cabin model. The system provides the amount of heat to the outlet air, the effective cooling power and the Heat flow to the ambient.
    The calculation is done in the subsystem, whereby some additional data like the heat transfer values to the ambient must be input by the user.

    This subsystem demonstrates how the heat flow in a cabin can be calculated. Three different types of heat flow are calculated:

     - Heat to outlet air: The amount of heat  lost via the discharged air 

     - Effective cooling power: How much heat is effectively used for the cool down of the air flow

     - Heat flow to ambient: The amount of heat exchanged between the cabin and the ambience 

    Due to the fact that some of the values are defined directly in the component, they are not available as sensor. Therefore external controller inputs can be used to set these values by user defined constants. All other necessary information is connected by using the sensor path.
    Several calculation controllers (in combination with media components) are used to calculate the amount of exchanged heat.

    Usable from release: KULI 9.1-0.01
    Necessary modules: KULI drive + KULI hvac

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