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  • Simple way to model hysteresis
  • KULI-System

    This example shows a quite simple way how hysteresis can be modeled. The calculation controller differs between two cases, with respect on the previous operating state. To avoid that the temperature / fan RPM is oscillating around a certain value, a function is used. 

    To avoid a highly oscillating fan RPMs, a hysteresis in the controlling strategy is included. This is modeled by a calculation controller. If the temperature exceeds a certain value, the fan switches to the maximum RPM mode.  Additionally this high RPM mode is also used, if the temperature is between the two temperature limits and the high RPM cooling mode is already active. In case of underestimating the lower activation border or in case of an active min. RPM mode & actual temperature between the limits, minimal RPM mode is selected. To avoid a logical loop, a delay controller is used for sensing the input speed of the fan.

    Usable from release: KULI 9.1-0.01
    Necessary modules: KULI base + KULI drive

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