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    On the standard condenser test bench the refrigerant inlet and outlet conditions are fixed and the refrigerant mass flow is the test result. For plausibility checks or for calibration: The corresponding KULI model allows a virtual reproduction of the test bench situation.

    The refrigerant condition can be defined by inlet-temperature,-pressure and outlet-subcooling value (à CND-Test_VariantEntryTemp.scs). The air inlet condition is fixed, the air flow can be varied to test for different operating points. The condenser test bench is packed to a subsystem and does not require the user’s attention in first instance. Test results like refrigerant mass flow, heat transfer and pressure loss are collected in another subsystem . Variants of the test bench model require inlet superheat instead of inlet temperature or mean pressure instead of inlet pressure as input (à CND-Test_VariantEntrySH.scs, CND-Test_VariantEntrySH(meanPressure).scs).

    Usable from release: KULI 14
    Necessary modules: KULI base + KULI advanced + KULI hvac

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