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  • Heat Pump Cycle with Refrigerant R 134a
  • KULI-System

    An extended application of the refrigerant cycle is the use as a heat pump, where the evaporator is used as an auxiliary heater. KULI enables to perform quick analysis of heat pump concepts.

    In the corresponding KULI model the real-life evaporator is set up as an KULI condenser-model and vice versa the real-life condenser is set up as an KULI evaporator-model. For investigations in very cold ambient temperatures, where refrigerant low pressure level might fall below ambient pressure an extended media property file of Refrigerant R134a is attached to the example. Sensors and actuators on the inner circuit sheet of KULI allow a good overview on system parameters and results.

    Usable from release: KULI 8.0-1.04
    Necessary modules: KULI hvac

    KULI File, 175 KB
    Documentation, 208 KB
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