• HdT, Tagung Wärmemanagement | Haus der Technik / Berlin, Germany 2012
    Thermalsimulation eines Hybrid-LKW-Kühlsystems
    Christoph Stroh, Stefan Schnörch, Christian Rathberger - ECS
  • In the past few years hybrid vehicles have been in the center of automotive engineering efforts, in particular in the field of passenger cars. But hybrid powertrains will also be important for commercial trucks. This focus on hybrid vehicles leads to high demands on thermal management since the additional components in a hybrid vehicle need appropriate cooling or even heating.

    In the given paper the simulation of a complete cooling system of a hybrid commercial vehicle will be explained. For this virtual examination the commerical 1D thermal management software KULI will be used, a co-simulation with several programs will not be done deliberately. Yet all aspects which are relevant for a global assessment of the thermal management are considered.

    The main focus is put on the investigation of appropriate concepts for the fluid circuits, including low and high temperature circuits, electric water pumps, etc. Moreover, also a refrigerant circuit with a chiller for active battery cooling will be used, the appropriate control strategy is implemented as well.

    For simulating transient profiles a simple driving simulation model is included, using road profile, ambient conditions, and various vehicle parameters as input. In addition an engine model is included which enables the investigation of fuel consumption potentials.

    This simulation model shows how the thermal management of a hybrid vehicle can be investigated with a single program and with reasonable effort.

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