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KULI Controllers: The Power of Sensors and Actuators - free of charge - 17:00 - 18:30 CET

25 Mar 2021 | Online, Austria


KULI Controllers: The Power of Sensors and Actuators


Why this is interesting for you:

KULI’s powerful control elements gives you an almost unlimited amount of flexibility in setting up your models. Simple applications are displaying input values and results on the modeling canvas. But the true power comes with using calculation controllers, for example to control valves or fans, or to select different sets of input data depending on the operating point. Even a complete vehicle simulation can be set up with these elements. In this seminar we will show you how you can efficiently accomplish exactly those tasks with KULI.



          • Very short introduction
            • "Who we are..."
          • Introduction to Control Elements
            • Sensors and Actuators
            • Available Controllers
          • Live Application Examples

            • Customized Input and Output Values
            • Signal Receiver
            • Access to Media Properties
            • Calculation Controller: Mathematical Expressions and Logical IF Structures
            • Using 2D-Curves and 3D Maps as Input
          • Examples from the Online Library
            • Thermostat
            • Modelling a Fan Control
            • Switch between Different Input Values (Maps)
            • 4-Way Valve
          • Summary
          • Q&A and Discussion


          An invitation link to the webcast will be provided to registered participants prior to the event via e-mail.



          Online, Central European Time


          Rolf Salomon
          Account Manager KULI Sales
          Steyrer Str. 32
          4300 St. Valentin

          +43 7435 501 2382

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