In today’s automotive industry two key drivers for new developments are safety and efficiency. This is not only true for the vehicle as a whole, but can also be directly translated to most of its sub systems.

For thermal management systems safety means that all vehicle components (combustion engine, e-drive, battery…) can operate within their designated temperature ranges for all relevant vehicle operating points, driving cycles and ambient conditions. Efficiency means that this task is achieved with minimized energy effort. Adding passenger comfort as an important factor and also focusing on system cost minimization step by step reveals the complexity of modern cooling- and HVAC-system design.

This is a task, which can only be handled by comprehensive system level simulation… and KULI is a software tool which has been developed to do exactly that.

Based on a solid foundation of 25 years of vehicle thermal management for internal combustion engine powertrains, KULI also offers the best possible support for all related e-mobility topics. Built around a battery pack thermal simulation environment which has set the benchmark for both ease of use and flexibility, KULI eco also offers simulation models for motors and power electronics. A full set of features for the simulation of air conditioning and heating systems completes what truly can be called the most advanced and comfortable thermal simulation tool for electric vehicles on the market.