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Thermal management has a high potential for improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and increase efficiency of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles. The wide experience at St. Valentin for engineering services in vehicle development has flown into continuous improvements of our KULI software for energy management simulation.

It’s still a main goal to keep all temperatures below certain limits to protect components against overheating. Moreover it is essential e.g. for batteries to be operated in a certain temperature range for high efficiency and lifetime. KULI can deal with all of these challenges using appropriate simulation models of entire systems. 

Also the air conditioning system with detailed simulation options for the refrigerant circuit, the heat pump mode and the hot gas cycle are covered by KULI. In hybrid vehicles the AC system is often used to cool the traction battery. The ‘Chiller’ component is the important link between coolant and AC circuits. Integrated optimization procedures help the user to find the optimum layout. To keep up with the latest trends in vehicle development software and simulation procedures are permanently enhanced.

Benefits of KULI:

  • Fast and efficient computer aided engineering of
    • Cooling systems
    • HVAC schemes
    • Drivetrain concepts
  • Enormous cost and time reduction at variation and optimization of systems compared to test bench
  • Quick evaluation of component interactions
  • Due to its modular structure KULI is tailored to the particular user needs
  • Minimal effort on training, base knowledge and hardware