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Initial cooling system layout

Designing a good cooling system is a very important part during the development of a vehicle. The necessary workload starts very early and continues throughout the development process. KULI enables the required simulation work in all these phases.

In an early development stage of a vehicle a first dimensioning of the cooling system must be done. In this phase typically a few steady state operating points – characterized by heat load, inlet and ambient temperatures and maximum allowable temperatures – are given that represent critical conditions for the cooling package. The corresponding KULI models are quite easy to set up and allow a very quick analysis of different radiators cores, radiator sizes, cooling package arrangements, fan rpms, etc. It can e.g. easily be determined which air flow is required such that sufficient cooling can be guaranteed. This information is essential for the design and aerodynamics departments. In this early development phase OEMs often provide the boundary conditions mentioned above to their cooling system suppliers in order to receive a proposal for a suitable cooling package. The suppliers can use the KULI optimization, parameter variation, and COM interface to automate the process of reading the boundary conditions, find the best package and provide a report of the results to the OEM.

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