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Railroad cooling system

With KULI you can model cooling systems for railroad applications, which can be diesel or electrical powered. In this specific application you can find a roof mounted cooling system with three coolers. One low temperature circuit for cooling the electric and electronic parts, one high temperature radiator for engine cooling and one intercooler.

One can include different types of fans, hydrostatic, electric or mechanical driven. In the simulation one can control the speed of the fan very flexible depending on the requirements of the cooling system measured by sensors like in the real life. Of course the operating conditions e.g. driving up a high mountain or in hot climate conditions are considered in the cooling system simulation.

At the end of the various variants done in the concept phase to find the best configuration of all components one will get a virtual prototype of the whole cooling system for railroad applications, which you will produce only once in hardware to verify the KULI simulation results on the test bench and in build-in situation.

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