10/2020 Artikel

Component selection

The design process of a cooling system always starts with finding the components which fit best to the complete system. KULI can support this step in different ways, which are described here.

Easy to get input data for fans

Many fan suppliers are using KULI, which often makes it easy to directly obtain a KULI file for modelling your cooling system. It is well worth to contact your supplier and inquire about available datasets!

Additionally, some fan suppliers are offering the possibility to create KULI files out of their database with the help of an online tool. You usually have to ask for a permission from your contact person to use these tools. Some of the tools that we have already been using ourselves are available online (this list is also available in our online help and will be extended as more tools become available):

Multi-Wing Optimiser axial fan selection software has been developed by Multi-Wing to enable you to select the optimum fan solution for your specific application needs. It can be used as a quick reference guide, and as an advanced tool in the product development process.

Optimiser uses your application requirement data, for instance, airflow, pressure, and power consumption to select a customized Multi-Wing fan solution which matches the required performance calculated by KULI. In addition, you will also be provided with a range of useful mechanical and technical information about the suggested fan solution.  Performance, sound and mechanical data are measured in our wind tunnels in accordance with the AMCA A / ISO 5801 standard.

Optimiser has a built-in KULI export function to allow the selected fan data to be simply imported into KULI. A technical drawing and 3D model of the fan can be created within minutes using the Designer feature to check dimensional suitability in your cooling package. Contact your nearest Multi-Wing sales engineer to activate the Designer and KULI export features, or simply request that our engineers make a fan selection for you – we have more than 60 years’  experience making fan selections.






Component search

In your company you probably already have a lot of KULI component files stored in different directories. KULI components offers the possibility to browse and filter these components based on typical project requirements. The following steps show such a process for the example of a radiator:

Let’s assume you are looking for a radiator which should be between 50 and 70 mm in the depth.

With KULI components search you have the possibility to find exactly this. The input mask looks like this:

It is possible to search at different file locations and to specify different component types with different criteria. And at the end you’ll get a list of components which fulfills your requirements.

Component comparison

Where component search will give you a list of files which fulfill certain design criteria, Component comparison then allows you to understand their differences regarding performance without setting up a test bench or a complete cooling system in KULI.

One is able to change the dimensions, flow rates, temperatures and media properties and KULI will show the results in tables or graphs. Of course you can define the units which fit to your requirements.

This can help during the process of component selection in a very early project phase.