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VTM Services

In addition to our role as software developers, we also offer a wide range of VTM related simulation engineering and development services. Our long-time expertise with 1D and 3D simulation tasks is nicely complemented by our on-site vehicle testing, engineering, system integration and control strategy competences. We also offer capability-setup projects, which are basically regular engineering projects enriched with KULI- and VTM-training contents.

Currently, our VTM services team is supporting both OEMs and component suppliers in Europe, China, Japan and the United States in more than 10 different projects. Ongoing activities range from

  • complete VTM system development projects in hybrid and electric cars to
  • dedicated A/C and heat pump system investigations,
  • underhood air flow simulations and even
  • highly specialized lubrication investigations of motors and drivetrains.

We currently see a growing demand in the development and optimization of combined cooling system and HVAC control strategies, especially in electric vehicles using heat pump architectures. Due to the necessary combination of a wide range of technical competences, these kinds of tasks are complex… but it is important to face the related challenges to achieve energy efficient vehicles fit for future requirements. Therefore, in addition to ongoing development projects, we are also involved in R&D activities for coming technologies.

Another field where we expect interesting innovations and growing demand for simulation is the electrification of off-highway machinery. Emission regulations, acoustic considerations and also currently unused potentials for energy recuperation are strong drivers for this trend. Where currently electrification mostly takes place in smaller construction vehicles, we expect a more widespread use of new technologies in the coming years. And with this, of course, also new VTM challenges will arise.