KULI lab – the new postprocessing tool of KULI

With the release of KULI 9 a new era of postprocessing has started with the introduction of KULI lab. With KULI lab we have kept all those features that our customers appreciated in the KULI postprocessor, like operating point diagrams, air path diagrams, comparison of result files, Excel export, unit selection, etc.

But by using the latest programming technologies we implemented a bunch of new features, always keeping the need of the engineers in the center of our efforts. Feedback from our customers and the experience of our own application team incorporated into the development of those new features. They include

  • Full drag and drop support throughout KULI lab
  • Combination of arbitrary data into a single table or diagram
  • Enhanced diagram handling, including drag and drop adding of variables to diagrams
  • Undo/redo for all operations
  • Fully customizable views with tables, diagrams, panes
  • Tables can be transposed with one click
  • Templates
  • Efficient handling of large result files (e.g. for transient analysis) due to new data structure
  • Clearly arranged treeview (with component and subsystem grouping) for quick selection of desired result values even in very large Systems

Image: KULI lab screenshot


Image: KULI lab screenshot


KULI lab is included with all KULI licenses at no extra cost. The handling of KULI lab is easy and straightforward, our tutorial examples are updated to reflect the new postprocessing tool and give a basic introduction to KULI lab.

Early next year we will also present KULI lab in a webinar to show the capabilities of this tool.