Preview: International KULI User Meeting 2013, 26th – 27th June, Linz

We want to discuss the challenges about intelligent thermal and energy management. The following topics can be part
of this:

  • Electric components in the powertrain
  • Heating up and cooling down of electric vehicles
  • Energy recuperation (rankine cycle, TEG, etc.)
  • Intelligent energy distribution
  • Battery cooling concepts

In the 9th International KULI User Meeting, the optimization of these tasks will be addressed together with other areas of applications including a forecast to KULI 10. KULI offers all features for generating, realizing and verifying innovative energy management concepts quickly and cost-efficiently.

Benefit at this user meeting from the experience in different fields of applications. We kindly invite you to speak about a topic of your current practice in a 20 minute presentation.
We would be pleased to receive title and a brief description by 15th March, 2013. Speakers will participate free of charge.

“In Linz beginnt‘s” is a typical phrase which means “real action starts in Linz”. The first time we organize the KULI User Meeting in Upper Austria’s principal city. Moreover the event location will be the worldwide known museum and event center “Ars Electronica” (

Do not miss the KULI User Meeting 2013 in Linz, we are looking forward to meeting you there.

More information about the Call for Papers you can read at (