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Overview how HVAC simulation models are set up in KULI and the basics of HVAC systems.

To simulate a standard HVAC system in KULI it is necessary to provide input data for the component models. The necessary input data for the main components (evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion values) of an HVAC circuit are shown.

Tutorial example

With the help of the following available tutorial examples in the Online Help area two different A/C Systems can be set up.

  • Complete AC-System
  • Dual AC-System

Due to assumptions during the specification of the geometric data the EVP and CND the automatic adjustment process will be shown.

The different available passenger compartments and the necessary input data are discussed.

Online Library - Workflow CFD to KULI Extended Passenger Compartment

With the help of this example the workflow to set up an Extended passenger compartment in KULI is shown.

Easier modelling of complex AC and heat pump systems

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