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你可以在这里下载 KULI 软件的最新版本。 

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KULI 13 includes:

  • Redesign of the architecture of the calculation kernel of KULI, ensuring full and consistent 64bit support as well as better memory handling and system stability
  • Extension of the dynamic solver, in particular the parallel flow cooler and oil circuits are now supported, initial temperatures of tubes and circuits can be set via actuator, etc.
  • Reduction of the calculation time based on changes of user defined formulas in the calculation controller, logging mechanism, and the kind of calculation of material properties
  • Support during opening of scs-files with the option to automatically unpack missing components
  • Quickly find sources of a signal receiver via context menu.
  • Additional sensors and actuators for passenger compartment and EXV
  • Additional refrigerants R290, R32, R454c and R410a based on NIST standard
  • Easier selection of results in the project tree of KULI lab with the help of a filter
  • Possibility to change the units given in axes of 2D charts in KULI lab
  • Enhanced message and error logging mechanism

KULI 13.2 includes:

  • AC-solver improvements: 
    • Calculation of the temperature of point masses in the phase transition area has been corrected 
    • Higher convergence speed when using a TXV with defined superheating 
    • AC solver enhancements to improve convergence robustness 
  • Additional options for fine tuning the solver when simulating heat conduction network
  • Additional fan data from the fan manufacturer TRUFLO have been added to the KULI installation
  • KULI FMU Generator
  • Normal

    - A KULI thermal model can now be exported as an FMU for co-simulation supporting the FMI 2.0 standard.
    - The KULI FMU is self-contained, which means that no KULI installation is required on the target machine.
    - The FMU interface is fully defined in KULI by using well known modelling techniques.
    - With the help of the KULI FMU generator, the KULI model can then be exported as an FMU with only a few steps (see the download link below).

    By downloading the software you agree to the terms of the attached license agreement.

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