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In the automotive industry it is from highest importance that energy is optimally and efficiently used at any operating condition of the vehicle.

Therefore the main focus of vehicle engineers lays on the powertrain system, heating and air conditioning, as well as engine cooling to ensure safe operation. The software package KULI has a long tradition in simulating and optimizing the thermal management system for  automotive applications.

In future it is necessary to facilitate a holistic consideration of energy flows, which means that mechanical power, electric power and thermal power have to be simulated at the same time and optimized in parallel.

For this simulation task KULI will effectively support the engineer in setting up system components and control strategies with the aim to optimize performance, comfort, and operating reliability in the vehicle.

Contents of the project are co-financed by the State of Lower Austria and the EU. - Inhalte des Projektes werden aus Mitteln des Landes Niederösterreich und der EU kofinanziert.