Thermal management simulation is essential in the development process of every new vehicle. Knowing the precise thermal influences of components is necessary for an optimal design as it influences energy consumption, emissions, noise, fatigue, and other parameters. But the necessary expertise to perform the required sophisticated simulations and calculations becomes more and more complex.

Thermal Management Simulation

  • Full featured complete thermal management projects, including KULI simulation, CFD simulation, and measurements
  • KULI simulation projects to solve a problem completely by us
  • Assistance for your KULI team for certain tasks; either at our location or on-site
  • Improving your KULI simulation environment, e.g. by setting up Excel macros or linking KULI to your Matlab/Simulink Environment

Over 25 years of experience


Combine your project with ...

  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations
  • Thermal management measurements
  • Acoustic measurements and optimizations
  • Thermo shock or vibration tests of radiators or complete cooling packages
  • and much more

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