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(Two-day) KULI HVAC Training online - 10/2024


This program is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in simulating HVAC systems with KULI. Here's what you can expect from this training:

  • Learn how HVAC systems work, including understanding the key components and their properties. 
  • Understand the key differences between different refrigerants and related system architectures. 
  • Utilize KULI to simulate warm-up and cool-down scenarios, allowing you to investigate energy consumption, COP (Coefficient of Performance), and how these factors influence vehicle range.
  • Discover how the HVAC system integrates into an overall KULI vehicle simulation model. Understand the interactions between the HVAC system and other vehicle components.

Please note that prior knowledge of KULI is highly recommended for this training. If you are not familiar with KULI, we strongly suggest completing our KULI basic training first. 

Upon completing the training, you will enjoy a 2-week free trial of the KULI software. 
Seats are limited to ensure unlimited interactions with the trainer. 

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Free of charge
October 29-30, 2024 Online
Endre Németh

Account Manager, KULI Sales

Steyrerstraße 32

4300 St. Valentin

+43 664 78708988