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09/2020 Artikel

HDMB Comparer released

The HDMB Comparer supports the user in comparing two KULI simulation result files.

With this tool it is easy to find out which calculated values differ between two simulations. A table gives you an overview of the affected values. Extensive filtering options enable a quick navigation to selected values. After selecting a value, a detailed comparison can then be carried out. A table and a diagram provide the possibilities to compare the values in both a numerical and a graphical way.

Threshold values, specified by the user, help to hide irrelevant deviations in the evaluation.

The HDMB Comparer supports result files in .hdmb format from all KULI versions and is available free of charge.

Like the FMU generator, the HDMB Comparer does not need any special user rights for installation. Here, too, product updates are possible with just one click.