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09/2020 Artikel

KULI 13.2 released

KULI 13.2 has been released, focusing on the following areas:

  • The A/C solver has been further optimized, improving convergence speed (in particular in cases of A/C circuits containing TXV(s) with defined superheating), calculation of point masses in A/C circuits, and more.
  • Additional options enable fine tuning of the solver when simulating heat conduction networks.
  • New features like specifying the path of media files via COM and updates to the COM object streamline the process of generating and using FMUs.
  • Additional files for speed-controlled fans from TRUFLO are added to the KULI installation, simplifying the set up of simulation models with realistic component data right out of the box.

Apart from these new features numerous smaller improvements and enhancements have been included into this new version of KULI. For a list of all modifications please refer to the Release Notes, which can also be found in the KULI Online Help.

KULI 13.2 is available for download and can be used with a license for KULI 13.