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Sharing experience at KULI User Meeting 2019

In May 2019 we have hosted the International KULI User Meeting in Linz/Austria.

The focus was on the following topics:  

  • System level vehicle thermal management simulation
  • Electric vehicles, hybrids and combustion engine cars
  • Coupled simulation and cooling system control strategies
  • Performance of components, benefit statements and variant investigations

And, of course, we also presented news and updates about KULI and new and exciting applications. But what made our user meeting really special was, once again, the participation of friends, colleagues and customers from a wide range of OEMs and suppliers. We thank everyone for their contributions to many valuable discussions and for the very positive feedback!

You can find the presentations received from experts from Lamborghini, Audi, Air International Thermal Systems, DLR, Tata Motors, Wacker Neuson, Sunamp, Altran Engineering, AVL and of course MAGNA in the download area of the KULI website. Please register to get access.

The next national user meetings will take place in India, China, Japan, Korea and USA in 2020. The next international user meeting in Austria will be in 2021. We are looking forward to meeting you there (again).

Presentations at upcoming Conferences

Do you want to see our new exhibits and talk to our colleagues about our products and innovations? Take the opportunity to come and speak with us in person!

As the year slowly draws to a close, we will use a VDI event in Stuttgart to report on our shared activities in a large EU funded research project about coupled simulation

December, 03/04, VDI Thermomanagement in elektromotorisch angetriebenen PKW, Stuttgart, Germany

E-Mobility and Thermal Management Workshop

Before touring China (Shanghai and Beijing) and Japan (Tokyo) in early November, the next European stop of our well established e-mobility workshop is Gothenburg /Sweden.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Electric components (batteries, electric motors, power electronic components)
  • Cooling systems (heat exchangers, pumps, fans)
  • HVAC systems (AC circuit, heater, passenger cabin)
  • Modelling of operating- and driving strategies

Furthermore you will learn how to use KULI lab for a detailed analysis of simulation results, including:

  • Thermal protection of single components and the whole system
  • Range prediction
  • Comfort investigations

This workshop is organized on October 24. It’s free of charge, but a registration on our website is required. Click here to register.