KULI Workshops

Additionally to the KULI basic and advanced trainings we are offering special one day workshops, which are specifically designed to exchange experience. You will hear more about our experience to specific topics and can discuss with our experts the best workflow to integrate new developed components, to design an optimized cooling system, find best control strategies and much more. The format of these workshops gives enough time for discussions between the participants and our experts. We have prepared a general agenda, which can be modified before the course to your needs.

You have the possibility to book this course in our facilities in St. Valentin/Austria or in your facilities. The course can be held in English or German language. Please ask for a specific offer.

Contact: Rolf Salomon (+43 7435 501 2382 | rolf.salomon@magna.com)


E-mobility Thermal Management Workshop

Throughout the course we will demonstrate typical applications of our software from basic concepts to advanced use cases. There will be the opportunity of a hands-on experience of KULI. The following topics will be covered:

  • Electric components (batteries, electric motors, power electronic components)
  • Cooling systems (heat exchangers, pumps, fans)
  • HVAC systems (AC circuit, heater, passenger cabin)
  • Modelling of operating- and driving strategies

Furthermore, you will learn how to use KULI lab for a detailed analysis of simulation results including:

  • Thermal protection of single components and the whole system
  • Range prediction
  • Comfort investigations


09:00Introduction: Thermal Management with KULI Typical use-cases and general concepts
09:45Modelling of an electric passenger car with air cooled battery and liquid cooled motor and power electronics
11:00Coffee break
11:30Simulation model add-on: Drive simulation and range prediction / Simulation of different drive cycles
13:00Lunch break
14:00Simulation model add-on: AC system and cabin model / Range reduction by heating and air conditioning
15:00Coffee break
15:30Application for a liquid cooled battery vehicle including heat pump
17:00End of event