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Honeywell - Range and Comfort Impact of Cabin Insulation

EV range reduction due to HVAC System energy consumption is a big issue, especially in winter. Passenger comfort is a huge topic in summer, especially when both EV battery and passengers require cooling. As a big temperature delta between cabin and exterior is one driver for this, thermal insulation of the cabin can help. Honeywell has an insulation foam blowing agent technology for this task in their portfolio!

KULI complete vehicle VTM simulations (based on a calibrated baseline vehicle similar to Tesla Model S) show a range improvement potential of around 3.5% (warm-up) to 4.6% (continuous heating) at -10°C ambient temperature. In warm conditions (40°C ambient temperature) cool-down time from 60°C to 25°C can be reduced significantly by up to 50%.

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