11/2021 Article

KULI 14.1 – A new era of user assistance

For you as a KULI user, version 14.1 offers interesting new features and a lot of improvements. A completely new output window and a better support for many output data stand out in particular. The improved support for a dual monitor mode is also noteworthy.



Output Panel

The new Output Panel replaces the existing KULI Message Panel at the bottom of the main window. It collects all messages relevant for the user while working with KULI and especially during the simulation. It prepares messages so that finding information is a breeze. You have extensive filter and sorting options available and you can also keep the messages across simulations so that you can access them again later.



Users with two monitors can use the functionality to float the Output Panel and move it to a second screen. Users with only one screen or a low monitor resolution can benefit from the fact, that they can now completely hide the output window to maximize the content the KULI main window. The output window can be shown again if necessary. You can find detailed information in the KULI Online Help under  https://kulihelp.magna.com/km/14.1/kuli-base/output-panel 


Support for a huge amount of output data

KULI models generating many result data are now fully supported. From now on there is no longer any known limitation on how large the output file can be.


Improvements for Plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger in KULI has undergone an extended revision. These include, for example:

  • Showing the right channel height in case of changed number of plates in the parameter window.
  • A more responsive component window and immediate results during the calibration process.


Updates in Dynamic Solver circuits

Some notable improvements have also been made in the dynamic solver:

  • The initialization temperature for a Plate Heat Exchanger in transient simulations is now considered correctly.
  • Radiators are now supported which specify the heat transfer coefficient in the heat transfer table.

There are also improvements like

  • a better handling when a medium is missing,
  • enhancements when using the file actuator for an N-dimensional map, 3D map and characteristic curve,
  • a significantly reduced simulation time for transient AC simulations and an activated AC phase diagram window
  • and many others…

The full list of modifications can be found in the release notes for KULI 14.1 https://kulihelp.magna.com/km/14.1/release-notes