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    With the expansion tank model an example is given on how to model the influence of an expansion tank on the pressure level of a cooling circuit in a transient simulation. With rising average temperature of the incompressible coolant, the coolants volume increases. To compensate this thermal expansion an expansion tank is used in which air is being compressed as soon as the coolant in the cooling system expands. In this model the expansion tank is modelled in a subsystem so that it can be easily transferred to other KULI models as well (of course also to models where no KULI drive transient module is needed). Only the input values and eventually the media properties within the subsystem need to be adapted. Additional to the average coolant temperature the influence of quantities like the volume of the expansion tank and its filling status, the volume of the coolant as well as the influence of different reference conditions is considered.

    Keywords: coolant recovery tank, coolant reservoir, surge tank

    Usable from release: KULI 14
    Necessary modules: KULI base, KULI drive transient

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