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  • Create a KULI Radiator file in Matlab with KuliCompInterface
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    This example demonstrates how to use KuliCompInterface in Matlab to create a KULI radiator file.

    As a prerequisite, KuliCompInterface version 13 must be available on the system.

    The data used in the sample is almost similar to the ex_offroad.kuliRAD. As a result the written radiator file is similar to ex_offroad.kuliRAD. Pressure drop and heat data are read from the corresponding .csv files. All other data are hard-coded in the .m file.

    Due to the fact, that KuliCompInterface is only available as 32-bit, also Matlab has to be 32-bit.


    Keywords: KuliCompInterface, Matlab

    Usable from release: KULI 12
    Necessary modules: KULI components

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