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  • Delay Controller with adjustable start value
  • KULI-System

    The delay controller object in KULI provides the possibility to delay a signal for a certain period of time or number of timesteps. Within this object a start value needs to be specified that defines the return value until the delay period has passed. In some situations it could be beneficial to define this start value via a simulation parameter, a COM object or another source outside of the delay controller itself.

    The attached subsystem shows an easy way to accomplish this task. The basic idea is to set the start value inside the delay controller object to zero and then subtract the intended start value from the signal right before the delay controller and add it again right after the delay controller. The value that will be subtracted and added can easily be defined in various was, including COM objects, constants, simulation parameters, etc.


    Keywords: initial value

    Usable from release: KULI 13
    Necessary modules: KULI base + KULI drive

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