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  • The Refrigerant-to-Water Plate Heat Exchanger
  • KULI-System

    Plate Heat Exchangers gain in importance in the field of automotive cooling systems. Especially in EV/HEV application the so-called “Chiller”  removes heat from battery coolant using the refrigerant cycle.

    KULI hvac provides a simulation model for plate heat exchangers (“ACPHE”). In proper KULI style input data are kept simple. Basic geometry and flow configuration data as well as test bench data are sufficient to be able to simulate the plate heat exchanger. In the current example a chiller is added to a conventional refrigerant circuit and works parallel to the refrigerant-to-air evaporator. The example is based on “Ex_AC.scs” from the KULI installation setup.

    Usable from release: KULI 14
    Necessary modules: KULI base + KULI hvac

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    Documentation, 167 KB
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