• VTMS 11 | Coventry, United Kingdom 2013
    Thermal Assessments of Virtual Product Applications in the Pre-Development Stage
    C. GAMSJÄGER, C. HÖFER, W. ÖLLER - MAGNA POWERTRAIN - Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & CoKG (ECS), St. Valentin, Austria
  • Heat management of a vehicle and especially the heat-up characteristic of the combustion engine can strongly influence fuel consumption.
    In the development process of new vehicle parts, numerical simulation is indispensable to uncover the effects on the vehicle heat-up in an early stage. Thus, a framework for the virtual product development of innovative thermal management components has been developed.
    In the beginning, comprehensive thermal measurements of a vehicle on a roller test bench are performed. On this basis a 1D simulation of the various fluid circuits and components is built up. A thermal engine model is included as well as all necessary circuits for coolant, engine oil, transmission oil, cooling air and charge air. In this framework different product concepts and operating strategies can be compared and the impact on fuel consumption can be revealed for various driving cycles.
    The paper shows the working process for a turbo-charged passenger car with special attention to the NEDC and FTP72/75 emission cycles.

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