• VTMS 8 | East Midlands Conference Centre, Notingham 2007
    Optimization of thermodynamic parameters and components set of a cooling system under consideration of mass and costs
    W. Puntigam and V. Wippel - vif, Graz, Austria; S. Vössner - Engineering - and Business Informatics - Graz University of Technology, Austria; R. Reitbauer - MAGNA Powertrain, ECS, AUSTRIA; Ch. Kussmann - MAGNA STEYR, Austria
  • Different cooling systems for severa vehicles are replaced by a single one fulfilling the demands for all vehicles. This system is further optimized by choosing its components from an assortment and by changing their dimensions and further parameters (e.g. transmission ratios). The model of the cooling system is evaluated with a commercial thermodynamic cooling simulation system tool. Further results, as price and mass of the sub-components, are considered outside of this tool. The optimizing cooling systems in terms of thermodynamic efficiency, and minimized operating and material cost.

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